Sunday, December 28, 2008


Sushi @ Yew Lek Cheras


Ramen Set

Rating : 4 stars.
Service : Self Service.
Price : No any tax required.
Open Daily except Monday.
Quality : All sushi are fresh made upon ordered, much better than sushi king.
P/s: U need to hv certain toleration while waiting for de food approach to ur mouth!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Shopping Complex X'mas Deco Theme

Sunway Pyramid

Outside Roundabout




Berjaya Times Square

Me n Mun Mun

To be Continue...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yuan Steamboat @ sunway

Nov 26, 7.30pm after working in Abc.

Ah Bob~ Haven eat worth enuf then cabut edi...

A whole plate of lala... But freak out, Teng clear all...

Bunch of Shells...Crabs....Geli

1st row(up) : Sarah, Teng Sri, aLeen
2nd row (down) : Me, Pei ling, Shida, Natrah
Note : Bob missing.

Frm left: Teng, Me n Pei Ling + Kak Shida's right hand

Yuan Steamboat:
- Halal
- Buffet style, Rm 18.50 per person
- Famous wif chicken wing
- Contact num: 03- 5637 5825
- Booking oni available to reach b4 8pm

Monday, December 1, 2008

Smiles Moon- Dec01,08 Nite

Tonite, my mom sudden gv me a call, i wonder anythg special, bt she say " go look for de moom outside! It will smile! " Follows wif maraton laughing sound, hahaha!

For those who lost the opportunities tonite, i would like to share wif u guys de photo. It's reali beautiful.

Hope my familiy n friends are shareing wif the happiness of moon + stars.

Nice hor^^


Friday, November 21, 2008

Guys Guide

Thx Shan for de fwrded mail, its meaningful^^

Its an excellence Guidance for those guy who nt reali understand gals:

When a girl is...
Quiet, millions of thgs are running in her mind.
Not Arguing, she is thinking deeply.
Looks at u with eyes full of Questions, she is wondering how long u will be ard.
Answers 'I'm fine' after few seconds, she is not at all fine.
Stares at u, she is wondering why you are lying.
Lays on your chest, she is wishng for you to b hers 4ever.
Wants to See you everyday, she wants to b pampered.
Says 'I Love You', she means it.
Says 'I Miss You', no one in this world can miss u more than that.

Life only comes around once make sure u spent it with the right person.

Find a guy/girl,
who calls you beautiful instead of hot.
who calls you back when u hang up on him/ her.
who will stay awake just to watch u sleep, kisses ur forehead.
who wants to show u off to the world when u r in ur sweats.
who holds ur hand in front of his/her friends.
who constantly reminding u of how much he/she cares abt u & how lucky he/she is to hv u.
who turns to his friends & says 'that's her/him' !


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov20 Rainy Day

Haha, today n tmr off day, can rest. Nite shift exhausted.
My Dinner:

Pan Mee + Prego Spagetti Tomato Sauce + Cheese
(P/s: Not recommended using pan mee as it's more sticky when cook)
Love, troublesome? Depends how u manage n perceive it.
Important issues:
Bread to survive in crucial world
Freedom n spaces given to partners
Happiness of staying together
Mutual understanding of each other
Share de similar believes n "culture"
Sacrify n secure
Trustworthy within partners
Less either of these, please add on to ur relationship folder.
If not, its hard to survive.
Gambateh everyone! Hope everyone having a blissful n happy relationship. Salute!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Walaoyeah, today morning after work, sunway tol jam like hell, 7am cabut frm company, 8.25am then reach home, so exhausted... Sit on de driving seat, pull hand break, waiting for 10mins, my car still remain the same place... What to do? Bite my apple, crunch crunch crunch... Feels better.

Really cant imagine if i had change my job, everyday nid jam like tis, sure my working hrs will like crazy women... So sad, cant imagine how they manage to overcome this...

My Cross Stitch:
Handphone Case (Front & Back)

Lovely House

Maple Orange Mushroom

Mak Dao coming soon

Gloomy Bear Coming Soon

My darling Sze coming back from Aus soon, so excited. Just hope everything will be fine, flow smoothly, exam pass with flying colors. God Bless ya!

Still remember the day u leave Msia, reach thr wif ur dad n bro, u still strong enuf. Once they left, u crying... That day i on nite shift period, on bed i spam sms u console u, u cry i cry, juz not hugging together cries, haha! One year pass so fast, now u coming back le... Wait for the smiles back.. ^^

My Fried Pan Mee for dinner:

Guess what?
Strawberry Hair Curlers (6biji = Rm 15) @ SS2 Pasar Mlm

Thursday, November 13, 2008

MeiLing's Wedding 11Nov08

Venue: Puchong Tai Thong Imperial Palace Restaurant

Time : 7 pm

Lovely yet funny wedding dinner...My 1st secondary sch mates married! Congrates^^

喜喜 Chocolate Box

Here 's All my Sch Mates tat been invited:

Mary, 舒雯 佩燕 猪废 玉芳 美玲 碧雯 阿Meh 文善..

爱婷 可荔 心丽 文婷 美玲 美云 微欣 慧君

奕君 秀雯 美玲 Me 良伟 Mr x

Mei Ling n Me

Spiwan n Me

Gals gang...

Bz typing msg to Darling Sze =.=" Persuading her to go on bed

Pig's Lung + Yu Fang

Mei Ling's Bro (P/s: blur)

Peel Prawn in progress...

1st Meal
2nd Meal

3rd Meal

4th Meal

7th Meal

8th Meal

Friday, November 7, 2008

06Nov08-MySis Theatre Night.

Ytd 8pm, my sis performing "King's New Dress" musical theartre at her sch.
Nice show wif excellent production team as they prepared these more than half yrs.
Rate: 4.5 Star (Kids performance is highly praiseworthy)

My Sch/ My Sis Primary Sch:

SJK(C) Jalan Davidson (Opposite Stadium Negara)
It's an excellent Sch tat i will recommend!

Staff Office
Here's Details abt de Show:

Entrance Tickets (Free)

Poster (Theme)

80Yrs Celebrations

Pratice on progress


Practice Moment

Tailor Scolded by Dum King....

Dancing Seriously^^
Tailor's Custume
Havin Supper After Show @ Kampung Cheras Baru:
焖伊面 (Stew Yee Mee)
炒饭 (Fried Rice)
滑蛋河 (Kuey Teow Sup)
Small RM 8 Medium RM10 Extra Large RM16
Big RM12.00 x 3 = RM36.00
Tired bt Fun Nite. Good Job sis!^^