Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daidomon BBQ Buffet @ June 28, 2009

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant
The Best Yakiniku in town
Location : Great Eastern Mall
Service : *****
Price : Rm 49.90++ (Promotion price)
Period :Dinner(6.00-10.30pm)
Environment : ****
Parking : Rm 1.00

2 person added with service tax + tax, around Rm 117 in total.
1st try on this restaurant, better impression than Tenji.
Those who thirst on grill meat like me, welcome to hv a try!
But im nt sure the promotion until when, if no promotion, the price around Rm 68++.
Kindly make a reservation before go.

Daidomon Outlook

Service Counter


Order Menu

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Sashimi (Fresh)


Must Try ! Beef Sashimi


Butter Fish

干贝 (Limited to 1 plate per table)

Assorted Seafood mix

Vege Mix

My Sour Plum Soup (Nice)

Grill arh~

Oyster + Butter Grills

Easy to Clean up ^^

Oyster in Close Up...


1 missing Unagi Sushi...?

Green Pepper


Wo Wo~ Ice Cream urh~!

My Chocolate + Green Tea Ice Cream
(Available in other flavors)

Business Hour :
Weekday : 11.30-2.30pm
: 6.00 - 10.30pm

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant (Malaysia)
Lot4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall,
No 303, Jalan Ampang, 50450, KL.
Tel : +603-4252 8155
Fax : +603 4252 8166
Email: yakiniku@daidomon.com.my
Website : www.daidomon.c0m.my


Location : Yew Lek (Cheras)
Rating : ***
Price : ****
Service : ***

Choong Huat Steamboat

Order 2 Person (两个位)(enough for 4 persons)

2 flavor can be choose
(Tom Yam, Yok Choi, Pepper, Seaweed)

Addtional food could be order:
Grills Fish,Prawn,Satay,etc...)

Shabu Shabu Train

Location: Berjaya Times Square
Rating : ***
Service : *
Status : Halal

Shabu Shabu



Fish Grill Set

Drinks that can finish within 3 Seconds (Small enough)

Krispy Kreme

Location: Berjaya Times SquareK (KL)
Selling Point : Doughnuts

Rating: * (wonder hw they can own US market)


2nd Floor