Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yuan Steamboat @ sunway

Nov 26, 7.30pm after working in Abc.

Ah Bob~ Haven eat worth enuf then cabut edi...

A whole plate of lala... But freak out, Teng clear all...

Bunch of Shells...Crabs....Geli

1st row(up) : Sarah, Teng Sri, aLeen
2nd row (down) : Me, Pei ling, Shida, Natrah
Note : Bob missing.

Frm left: Teng, Me n Pei Ling + Kak Shida's right hand

Yuan Steamboat:
- Halal
- Buffet style, Rm 18.50 per person
- Famous wif chicken wing
- Contact num: 03- 5637 5825
- Booking oni available to reach b4 8pm