Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Early Mooncake with Doraemon @ Astro

Ask Lilian help to grab 2 boxes of moon cake at our company today...off 25%
So excited when saw that, haha thx^^

Here's my sharing with u all:


Bag + 2 Box MoonCakes

Snowskin MoonCakes Catalog (Click to check prices)

Roasted Skin MoonCakes Catalog (Click to check prices)



Passinne Apple - Low Sugar pure Lotus with Single Yolk

Beauty Melon - Low Sugar white Lotus + Dragon Fruit

Mango Tango - Adorable Mango low sugar white lotus paste + High in Dietary Fiber + Vitamins Dried Mangoes

Mangoes x 2 (Recommend)

Tiramisu MoonCake - Rich Aroma coffee + low sugar white lotus paste+ rich cheesy flavor

Chocoreo Almond - Aromatic chocolate skin, rich & smooth chocolate low sugar lotus paste mixed
with oreo and almonds.

Bamboo Charcoal Cranberry low sugar white lotus paste 1 yolk
- Pure bamboo charcoal powder skin

No sugar added white lotus - this lotus is made by trehalose (日本海藻糖), which at it least sweetening savor, healthy lover.

Interested? Wait i taste all tell ya? Enjoy.

WebSite: www.bisgood.com.my
Available at : Midvalley Megamall LG-015

Happy Mooncakes Festival.