Thursday, November 13, 2008

MeiLing's Wedding 11Nov08

Venue: Puchong Tai Thong Imperial Palace Restaurant

Time : 7 pm

Lovely yet funny wedding dinner...My 1st secondary sch mates married! Congrates^^

喜喜 Chocolate Box

Here 's All my Sch Mates tat been invited:

Mary, 舒雯 佩燕 猪废 玉芳 美玲 碧雯 阿Meh 文善..

爱婷 可荔 心丽 文婷 美玲 美云 微欣 慧君

奕君 秀雯 美玲 Me 良伟 Mr x

Mei Ling n Me

Spiwan n Me

Gals gang...

Bz typing msg to Darling Sze =.=" Persuading her to go on bed

Pig's Lung + Yu Fang

Mei Ling's Bro (P/s: blur)

Peel Prawn in progress...

1st Meal
2nd Meal

3rd Meal

4th Meal

7th Meal

8th Meal