Friday, November 7, 2008

06Nov08-MySis Theatre Night.

Ytd 8pm, my sis performing "King's New Dress" musical theartre at her sch.
Nice show wif excellent production team as they prepared these more than half yrs.
Rate: 4.5 Star (Kids performance is highly praiseworthy)

My Sch/ My Sis Primary Sch:

SJK(C) Jalan Davidson (Opposite Stadium Negara)
It's an excellent Sch tat i will recommend!

Staff Office
Here's Details abt de Show:

Entrance Tickets (Free)

Poster (Theme)

80Yrs Celebrations

Pratice on progress


Practice Moment

Tailor Scolded by Dum King....

Dancing Seriously^^
Tailor's Custume
Havin Supper After Show @ Kampung Cheras Baru:
焖伊面 (Stew Yee Mee)
炒饭 (Fried Rice)
滑蛋河 (Kuey Teow Sup)
Small RM 8 Medium RM10 Extra Large RM16
Big RM12.00 x 3 = RM36.00
Tired bt Fun Nite. Good Job sis!^^

Sunday, November 2, 2008

02 Nov 08 - Chin Swee Caves Temple @ Genting

It's been some time din visit here since it having a long term renovation...
Now its a brand new look!

Tan Sri Uncle Lim Building

Here's de view after renovation:

Cute tummy^^

Magnificent n impressive artistic work!

Guan Xin...



I'm "托塔王" Hehe.




Overview of temple

Uncle Lim's wording...

Cai Shen Yeah~

Flying to "天庭" meeting..

"福" "禄" "寿"


Happy Heart Pond


Besides that, there are accommodation provides!
Let's have a look Goh Tong Hall Residence Room Rate n Packages (Updated 02Nov08)

Nice, Harmony, Serinity, Calm n windy environment~
Affordable~Shuttle provided to Genting Highlands.

Fresh Breathe out there.
Got time? Lets go check it out!

Genting 1 & 2 Nov08

Rainy days at genting for these 2 days, nearly meet car accident during de way bac to kl, winding n slippery roads...Luckily, god bless us. Phew~ Really full of peril all de way driving down, driving speed wif 50km/jam still fail to jam break during drenching rain T_T

Nvmla, although it's a dreadful experience, but yet thinking of de wonderful time i hgain up there, it make me feel better>.<" Genting Overview Here's oso some basic intro of Genting Highlands to those buddies that never been here b4.

Happy Family

All Handsome n Gorgeous gals rite? Wahahaha....Dun envy XD

Leng + (V) Mun Mun (V) + Me

Genting Highlands - Pahang

First World Hotel Deluxe Room- Double or Single-Sided Bed, Fridge, TV, Safety Box

1st Day Prizes Grab in Theme Park Game Zone

Points that struggle to collects!

650 points - Saving Box
248 points - Sticker, Rubbers, BookMark, Pen, Highlight Pen

2nd Day Prizes Grab in Theme Park Game Zone

450 points - Subway Saving Box
238 points - Colorful Pen, Lousy Flute, BookMark

Tickets / Points

1st day spent RM 40
2nd day spent RM 30

Smuggle frm my small sis? Alike bearbrick?

01Nov08 (Sat) - Dinner Time
Due to saving cost frm having all de proper meals at Genting, we decide to ask sum1 to DaBao for us up here. Only "幸福" 2 words can describe!
While waiting for de food arrival, we go Sushi king for a small bite! How de taste?
(Fish staying mountain hill cant survive in good condition, even seaweed.) Get wat i mean?

Dinner Time~

I'm so excited wif de XXL chili padi we have!
(P/s: i'm not purposely act like a monkey scratching armpit=.=" It juz a coincidence k?)

Dinner inside room=.=" Our Meal- Fried Rice, Stew Yee Mee, Sin Chew Mee Hun.

Hey, u noe how hungry am i? still capture such a disgusting pose of mine!
Spoilt my beauty look liao! Shoo~

Finally, our XXL cili padi finish! Can we have more?

After dinner, my bro wondering: "Who else should clean those thg? Should i waiting for supper?"

What a delicious meal i had~ Yummy~

After meal, they decide to stay together share sibling fight memory going thru these days~

02Nov08 (Sunday)
Ard 8am, we go genting to have our breakfast.

Snooker Time
Although it's mention "No Smoking" at indoor or outdoor everywhr...Bro i tell u, it's useless!!! They even smoking inside shopping mall, washroom, hotel lobby, restaurant...

Here are de poses while us playing? Professional~! (For 1 hr time)

Dare u teach me how to hold stick?!

My small sis. Geng ho?

Along de way walking ard indoor
Yummy muffin...

Ala carte at First world hotel sourvenier shop.

Suddenly, found groups of great performers...
Dreamz - List of Performer

Giant head gal

Charming heroin. Actually i act 2 role inside, trainer n heroin wif unmatch bottom...

Hubby act hero wif lion king? Fail to tame ur lion make u so mad?

My sis act animal trainer

My sis act trainer

My bro act handsome big head hero.

To be continue in next list...Brand new "Chin Swee Caves Temple" a.k.a 清水岩庙