Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Cute Dinner Bag

Dinner bag just bought at The Garden Robinson


Cyberjaya Park

Nice Scenery that still able to discover nearby our working area at cyberjaya

Snapshot using my N97.

Wedding Dinner

Date: 23 sept 2009
Venue: Golden DragonBoat Restaurant (Kampung Pandan Roundabout)
Rating: -5
This restaurant other than the environment, it was sux. Worst service and management, supervisor was rude, 27 table but waiter not even more than 20ppl. Audio control room manage by bangaladesh that nt even know how to operate projector, laptop and audio system. Each dish need spent long time to prepare that not every table get the same dish in 1 time. Request to follow up with the viewing of slide show end up with teasing by the supervisor in charge but actually was they management and sort of man power problem. Table arrangement that request early on but around 7.30pm on actual dinner date, those table still on wrong position that some guests need to wait them to move the table.
Guests that come, still need to pay parking rm3 with limited parking place, we refuse to pay, but in fact it is no neccesary to pay as we are going wedding dinner but nt the restaurant beside.
8.30pm start 1st dish but end on 11.30pm. Overall, anyone who interested to have wedding dinner there, please think again.




1st Dish

2nd Dish- Vinegar asking for 2 times, until i finish the vinegar still never come

3rd Dish - Small and fat enough

4th Dish

5th Dish - Prawn that nt even everyone can ate 2.

6th and 7th Dish

8th and 9th Dish - Table is dirty enough

Boycott this restaurant. 1st time yet the last time i will go there. Pity the bride and groom.