Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My new Mask n Treatment Essence


Brand: Cyber Colors
Usage: Instant Bright Sparkling Mask
Result: Formulated with unique active carbon elements, which effectively cleanses the deepest layer of skin, instantly purify pores with impurities and excessive oil buildup.
Gentle brightening mask will remove dead skin cells, along with an immediate polish of balancing skin tone. With instant whitening effect, it improves the absorbency of moisture and gives skin tone health and glow.
Apply sparingly to face and neck. The bubble will appear, then wait for 3 to 5 minutes. Can be used every other day.
Rm 129.90

Brand: Methode Swiss
Usage: Pore Minimizing Skin Treatment
Result: Gives skin a mattified, finer and tighter texture in an instant.
treating the appearance of enlarged pores from the inside out, makes them looks significantly refined.
Effective in preventing pimples as well as banishing blackheads.
The treatment leaves the skin looking clearer, smoother and virtually poreless.
Rm 120