Thursday, June 4, 2009


Event : My dar's Birthday Celebration
Date : 30-31 May 2009 (Sat Sun)
Actual Date : 02 June 2009
Location : Bukit Tinggi

Zen's Cake

Happy Birthday ~


Joey Style Breakfast

Breakfast Set

My 1st Trial Omelette

7th July Coming soon~^^ Will see...

Under Consruction~

My House on Progress~
Palm Walk Sg. Long
70% already~^^


Closer Look

Front View

Show Unit

Living Room (Right Side)

Living Room ( Top Shoot)

Living Room (Left Side)

Living Room

Dining Area

Upstairs View

2nd Floor Living Room

Master Bedroom


Anyone interested to b my neighbour? Lots still available^^
Expected moves in on 2010 yr end.

Tasty Pot

Mother's Day + Mom's Bday on May10, 2009

Place : Tasty Pot 口味锅 , Sunway Mentari
Rating : 2nd Floor DAMN HOT, suffer having steamboat thr
: Food range not much, Yuan Steamboat have more choice
: Have unique soups choice provided, Steamboat + BBQ
Price : Rm 23.80++ (Drinks not included)

Lavender's Chocolate Cake (NICE!) - Frm Pavilion.

My Lovely Mom

Happy 2 Families

Me, Mom, Leng (sis), Chung (bro), Mun (sis)

Happy Celebration through out de nite!

New Way Karaoke

Early Bird tat come new way reali worth alot~
Rm 13 include tax n service charge without tidbits...
Include ( 2 Drinks / 1 Drinks + 1 Meal ) and Buffet

Cheras Neway

Spiwan + Me + Shan

Sze + Me + Spiwan

Haha wat u guys doing thr?

Tenji - Solaris Damansara

My personal Rating for tenji : So So...Still prefer Jogoya..
Reason behind? Jogoya have better food range n quality.

Best Fren 4va^^ Love u guys...
Frm left : Me , Spiwan, Shan, Sze

Me + Spiwan...Hug arr...

2 charming ladies~

Handsome + pretty huh?

Dumpling + Shark Fin


Fried Crab

Oyster + Mango

Lamb Chop

Fried Dory Fish

2 tiny little oyster =.=" (Its reali serves like tat)

Oyster + vege

"Mao Mao" Crab

Lala + Crab

Sotong + Fried Rice

Red Wine Chicken

"Zuk Tan"

Strawberry Prawn


Masmaro + Choco tip


Fruit Punch


Pictures attached nearly 70% of de food range tat available =.="