Friday, October 24, 2008

Gloomy Day

It's another gloomy day...raining...raining...still raining~
But yet still nid to went out for groceries, saturday nite,
another pizza feast, hehe^^
Hope u guys still enjoying my homemade pizza.
P/s: Eat too much may cause sore throat n gain weight >.<" But nvmlah, go for a jogging will gain bac ur fit body shape. Besides that, Happy Deepavali to all my buddies, wish u guys hv a nice holidays wif parents and relatives. ( I still nid to work hard >.<) But nvm, while sparing time watching Astro at home, think of me working hard to provide de best "censorship edits" to u guys lar, haha!

Starting of my Brand new blogs^^

Oct 24, o8 , my mind thinking of creates a brand new blogs emerge in my mind... after preview Adam Ong's Weddings Photo...Its nice attractive enuf ^^ Mayb will consider to invite him as our exclusive wedding photographer? Hahaha...

0006am, time to Gao Gao Zhu (Sleep) le... Tmr, a brand new day again.